Thursday, September 11, 2008

Six Months

My how time does fly. I can't believe it, but the boy is 6 months old. At his check up last week he weighed 16 lbs and 2 oz, he is also 26.5" long. He is just growing, growing, growing. Other than that things are relatively quiet around here. Richard got put in as Young Men's Pres about 2 weeks ago, and he has really been enjoying that. Our primary program is on Sunday and I am a little nervous. Because of our church time we won't be able to practice in the chapel and I have never not practiced in the chapel all the days of my primary life, as a child and a teacher. So wish us luck. Our chorister is amazing. She is so creative and can get those kids to do a whole lot of stuff. I can't believe that September is almost half over, time is just flying by. I wish I could slow it down just a bit. School has started again, and I chose not to take any classes, which I think is best. I feel like a part-time Mom and that makes me want to cry as it is. Hopefully I can start up again in the Spring. I am looking into some correspondence and maybe taking a class here and there, only 36 (hopefully) credits to go. I can't believe I am that close.

Well enjoy these super cute pics of Seth.
This is the first finished solid anything that I have been able to make him eat. My sister can get him to eat a whole jar of something every time that he is there. I definetly need some serious lessons.

Here he is with stuff on his face. I love this little smile. He can be such a flirt with his smile.
What a turkey!!
Here he is in our exersaucer that we got for 10 bucks! Yep you read it right. 10 Dollars!!! We love craigslist. (Sorry, I think that he has a bit of yuke on his face, I am not really sure though)

Our doctor said that he could probably have some crackers. Here they are. This is one quater of a graham cracker. Most of it is on the counter, as you can see and the rest is in the bumbo. No that is not graham cracker throw-up just mashed up and not swallowed. GROSS!

You can't really tell from this pic, but the boy is mostly asleep, I would say checking his eyelids for holes but he was playing with the piglet at the same time. So cute. I think that there are some ingenious inventions for parents out there and the swing is one of them. If you are a first time parent, invest in a swing that sings too. He was just swinging and snoring away.


cabeandmelplus3 said...

That is so cute I can't believe he is already 6mo it really goes by way too fast!! Hey Megan is getting married and she asked my to get your address, so if you could e-mail or facebook me with it that would be awsome!
Hope all is good talk latter!

AshleyJ said...

Lisa! What cute pics of your baby! I love your boys new hair cute and have I told you that you look amazing also. Such a great family!