Sunday, October 26, 2008

COmINg and GOInG

Here is the ComINg and GOinG at the Gardner House. Only 4 more days of work. I can't believe how quickly the month has gone by. I am a little nervous because I don't know what Seth and I are going to do all day.

And you can't tell in these two pic but seth has pancake in his ear. So, so cute.

Yes he is really sleeping in the bath tub. I love it. He is just so cute.

These last two pics are a little fuzzy. They were taken with the phone. I love the glasses. This is what I know is going to happen to him, I just know it.

Grandma Madalone asked if he could try a sucker. What a sticky mess. Grandma and Dad then put the boy in the bath. I love a clean baby. But here is a messy one.


Being An Allred said...

holy cow Seth, has gotten so big. He has a good mix of you and Richard. We miss you guys like crazy. Luv ya thanks for the comment.

Victoria said...

I can't believe he fell asleep in the tub. How funny!

Being An Allred said...

HAPPY Birthday lisa, we love you and miss ya tons. lots of love