Saturday, February 14, 2009

mAN tImE flY'S

So it seems like time is on warp speed because it was just Christmas and now it is Valentine’s and in two weeks it will be Seth’s birthday.  Totally not OK!! I just had that kid, I swear to you. 

We have been trying to be better about taking pictures of things that Seth does.  So this is what he has been doing.  We had our Stake Conference two weeks ago and Richard and I wanted to attend the adult session so we hired Seth’s favorite babysitter, (She is so cute), and he had quite an adventure.  His babysitter is on the Poky Indianettes dance team and they had a game so Seth went to his first basketball game. Needless to say he was not really happy about it.  Although, he did get to sit with the team captain, and she is a cutie, but we love our babysitter more.

He also sat with some complete stranger and he did pretty well I guess.  

The Robbins’ also wanted everyone to know how awesome Poky is and so here is the final score, we (Poky) are home. 

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Greg and Carlin said...

No way Seth is that old! That happened way too fast! We miss you guys:( Loved seeing the new pics!