Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hmm, today has been great so far. I went to Pilates. I LOVE pilates. I know that I am going to probably be sore tomorrow, but man is it worth it. Richard is working on the roof today. It gets pretty windy here and some of our shingles blow off every year. This last winter has been no exception, so today I think that will be fixed. He is also going to load up our old fence posts so that next week we can take them up to the dump for free dump day. I LOVE free dump day. Seth and I are just chillin in the house. I need to vaccuum and such, and he is just swinging away, happy as a pig in slop. I am so glad it is saturday. I wish it was going to be saturday a few days in a row. Man that would be great. But alas, it is not that way. Looking forward to the day that I can stay home and play all day. Not today but soon, I hope.

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