Monday, May 19, 2008

It's almost the weekend right??

You know how those weekends just slip by a little to quickly? This was certainly one of those kind. I felt like a got a bit done however and that made me feel pretty good. Richard and I were able to go to the temple on Saturday, what a nice place to be. I really just enjoyed the peace of the place. I need to go again. I got a lot of laundry done and even made myself a chore chart that hopefully will be helpful to me. I also got some EXCELLENT fabric to make me some slings for my man cub. You know how sometimes you just want to snuggle, but need to get things done? I have, hopefully, the answer: SLINGS!! Here is hoping that they work. I am so glad that it is a three day weekend coming up too, man what a relief. Hopefully we can get more stuff done. My goal is getting the tree trimmed, start on AIR CONDITIONING and work on the yard, maybe sprinklers or rototilling. Something, anything to feel like we are making progress to moving on to something a little bigger and hopefully better.
I love being a Mom. That little man cub is just so cute. He was so chatty and smily on Saturday. Oh my he is handsome and fun and mostly a wonderful baby. I just LOVE him. I hope that he just loves us back.

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