Wednesday, May 7, 2008

one little crease

I am so proud of my little man. When we went to the dr. last week for his 2 month appt. and he hadn't gained any weight. So we had to calorie pack the kid and he has gained 12 oz. my little man now has a crease in his leg. I should take a picture because it is so cute. I love him!!


joyous said...

you're precious, Lisa. Absolutely precious.

Booford said...

I have visited you beautiful blog briefly the other day to figure out who Lisa and Rich are. I guessed it would be you. You are the only Lisa I know. Congrats on the baby.

Victoria said...

Hey Lisa, Aren't these blogs fun? You had me a little baffled because I wasn't sure who rich and lisa were but yay! I'm glad it was you and that you commented. I did see you in the store the other day, I didn't think you recognized me. You're baby is SO adorable! You make cute babies!!!! How's your family? I'd love to know how Caitlin is doing? Tell your family Hi. See you in blogworld:)