Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

So Saturday was just excellent. Seth gets up around 4:30 am and I bring him into our room and he will usually sleep until 6:00. So instead of going back to bed, since that doesn’t happen ever during the week, we got up and went for a walk. This was Seth’s first “official” walk, in his SWEET stroller that Richard let me have. We took the baby and the dogs and walked for about 30 mins. It was so nice. It wasn’t that cold and we got some exercise which I love to do.

Then we went to my parents to go to free dump day, the highlight of our Saturday. Then the boys went to lunch and Mom and I went to Granny’s to help her with her branches. Her responsibility was to watch the Seth man, and we were trying to get a smile from him, but got a big lip instead.

My first “official” Mother’s Day (I guess the dogs don’t count) was yesterday and I was totally spoiled. Richard got me a sweet laptop, so that I don’t have to share with him. I got a card from both him and Seth and Richard cooked breakfast. Church was good, and we mostly chilled yesterday, which was nice. But it is back to the grind today.
I couldn't resist this hair. I LOVE IT!!!


abbynormal said...

He looks soooo much like his daddy!!! So adorable.

joyous said...

Seth is so precious, Lisa. That lip is adorable.

Scott said...

Lisa - Hey Ya'll. Nice to hear from you. I'm liking Seth's hair. We have a picture of our son Nathan with hair like that.
I'm sure you are loving being a mom.

We'll add you to our blog list.


Stephens said...

Lisa! Congratulations on your new baby. I was glad to see your post. Hope everything is going well!

Natalie said...

Hey Lisa!! I'm so glad you found our blog. I have to confess that seeing you as a Mom now makes me feel OLD!! You'll always one of my favorite Laurels! Your family is adorable. I too, love Seth's hair...many men would be too lucky to have that much hair to flaunt. I love this blog world where we can keep in touch with those we love! Congrats again on becoming a Mommy. It is a wonderful thing!